Missouri abandons Covid-19 measures after court ruling, stop and abstain from attorney general

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Multiple health departments in Missouri gave up most or all of their coronavirus tracing and prevention work afterwards Modern court ruling State and local public health agencies have been stripped of their powers to put in place disease prevention measures.

On December 7, Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmidt Issuance of cease and desist letters To local public health departments and school districts across the state that cited the court decision — which ruled that the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, or DHSS, cannot create and enforce health orders such as mask authorizations and quarantine orders — and instructed these institutions to “stop Immediately carry out and publish any such orders.”

“Failure to follow the court’s ruling may result in executive action being taken against you to remove orders that the court has determined to be unconstitutional and illegal,” the text reads. a permit From Schmidt’s office. “We encourage you to take immediate action to remove all unconstitutional and illegal orders.”

In response, the Laclide County Health Department, the Department of Health of the Province of New Madrid, and several other Missouri health agencies this week announced that they would be abandoning all work related to the COVID-19 pandemic, including case investigations, contact tracing, quarantine orders, and public announcements of the number of cases and deaths.

“While this is a significant concern for our agency, we have no other options but to follow the orders of the Missouri Attorney General at this time,” the Laclide County Health Department wrote in a Facebook post Friday. Ars Technica. The New Madrid Department of Health published an almost identical message on the same day.

All of this couldn’t come at a worse time: Coronavirus cases in Missouri have skyrocketed in recent weeks. The state averages about 3,000 new cases per day, an increase of 124% over the past two weeks, and daily hospitalizations have increased by about 50% in the same time period, according to the New York times.

After citizens challenged the Department of Homeland Security’s authority to issue pandemic-related restrictions such as mask and quarantine authorizations, Judge Daniel Green of Cole County District Court ruled November 22 These and other precautionary measures against the COVID-19 virus violate the country’s constitution.

“The power that DHSS regulations purport to give an administrative official to carry out oversight measures and create and enforce orders is open discretion—a blanket order to allow bureaucrats across Missouri to legislate the barebones,” Green said in the ruling.

However, gaps in the resolution’s language have led to some confusion among health officials. As Ars Technica notes, some health agencies are abandoning measures specifically mentioned in the ruling, such as quarantine orders, but continue other work related to covid-19 with the disclaimer that they are still awaiting further guidance from the Department of Homeland Security.

The Washington County Health Department said in Posted on Facebook on Friday That while it “can no longer request quarantine,” it still requires individuals who have tested positive for the virus to isolate for 10 days according to criteria set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Meanwhile, Schmidt, a staunch Republican running for the US Senate, hastened to implement Greene’s ruling, simultaneously declaring war on health departments and state school systems over coronavirus precautions.

“Public health authorities and school districts have gone unchecked, issuing illegal and unconstitutional orders in their quest to accumulate, preserve, and exercise their newfound power. Schmidt said in a statement released by his office that my office will implement the court order throughout the state.

The United States was hit on Sunday gloomy teacher, to reach 800,000 deaths related to the Corona virus, Reuters reports. As the outlet points out, even with vaccines that are widely available and free for much of this year, more Americans will die of COVID-19 in 2021 than in 2020, in part due to the more contagious delta variant. If government officials are still not taking the epidemic seriously at this point, they won’t have blood on their hands. And damn if that wasn’t frustrating.

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