NASA has denied that it used Log4j in the innovative Mars helicopter

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Is log4j, a buggy program service Who the hell, was NASA’s Mars experimental helicopter hacked? Answer: NoAccording to NASA, it does not even use the doomed instrument.

record Originally mentioned It uses Ingenuity, one of two Mars-based rovers operated by the US Space Agency log4j. In fact, Apache is a vulnerability maker everywherehidden tool, apparently tweeted back in June that the space helicopter was “powered by” log4j. (Put a file under the things that haven’t aged well.) And as expected, the tweet has been around ever since. deleted But the Wayback Machine appears Guide.

It was all this seemingly incorrect “supported by” business, with the company We say futurism It was “disinformation”.

Log4j, in case you missed it, is a widely used Apache logging program that was recently discovered to suffer from serious double securitylinks It can easily get hacked. He. She It was used by default Everyone, From programmers at Twitter and Apple to those at Amazon and LinkedIn. But it’s not, apparently, the NASA engineers who built the creativity.

Creativity, which is the first MA craft made to fly on an alien planet, it launched last year and landed on Mars in March with its partner, the Persevering Rover. A robotic helicopter recently made its 17th flight over the surface of the planet – breaking the previous record stay high For just over 30 minutes. However, while the flight was mostly successful, the vehicle temporarily disappeared from NASA’s view after experiencing a minor network problem. “The condition of the helicopter after the December 5 flight was not previously confirmed due to an unexpected interruption of the in-flight data stream as the helicopter landed towards the surface at the conclusion of its flight,” the space agency reported, in a recent report. press release.

creativity Unfortunate Apache tool use, coupled with the unexpected data turmoil recently, led some to wonderDid the Apache bug cause a NASA space helicopter to be hacked?

Absolutely not, according to NASA, which told Futurism in a statement: “NASA’s Ingenuity Helicopter does not run Apache or log4j nor is it vulnerable to log4j vulnerability. NASA takes cybersecurity very seriously, and for that reason, we do not discuss the specifics about the cybersecurity of assets agency “.

We’ve reached out to NASA for additional information and will update when we receive a response.

It was even reasonable to use Ingenuity log4j (Pronounced “log for j”, as in “log for Java”, according to its creator) More talking about it Everywhere more What does some Sufis do? A piracy incident outside the world. and while Error-ridden tool did not, according to NASA, has nothing to do with it cleverness, still a big problem. As companies around the world race to fix their systems, cybercriminals are getting their feet wet – and they’re already starting to do significant damage.

Log4j saga Bug Saga continues

Case in point, ransomware gangs are now targeting log4j as if there is no tomorrow. He. She Reported Earlier this week, a new family dubbed “Khunsari” was hunting down vulnerable Microsoft computers to try to exploit them. since then, We’ve seen too Hackers affiliated with Conti, a well-known ransomware gang, begin targeting vulnerable systems. In fact, the gang may have just attacked McMenamins – Funky brewery/hotel/events franchise based in Portland, Oregon, which reported Friday’s attack. county only suspected at this point.

However, ransomware hackers are not the only children who take advantage of this situation. All kinds of exploit attempts are seen all over the internet, as cybercriminals crowd around vulnerabilities and try everything from encryption to data theft to everything in between. In addition, reports of state-backed hacking activities also appeared, with reports that China, North Korea, Iran and other countries are all exploiting vulnerabilities for their espionage activities.

Meanwhile, the federal government I took emergency measures Friday to secure itself, by issuing an order from the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency to all agencies of the federal civilian executive branch requiring them to correct the Apache error within the next six days. CISA Director Jane Easterly urge everyone Relevant agencies “to join us in this essential effort.”

Yes, everything is very bad. Only time will tell how much chaos log4j causes but don’t hold your breath. It’s going to take some time to figure out how bad we all are.

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