Netflix and Apple lead SAG Awards nominations with ‘Squid Game’ and ‘Ted Lasso’

It’s another good year for broadcasting in the SAG Awards nominations, but who was picked and what was chosen is definitely different this year. Netflix continues to be the frontrunner with one or more nominations in nearly every category, including multiple selections. dog power (three) and squid game (Four) as well as individual gestures for products such as do not searchAnd pass And Halston. However, Apple has done particularly well this year – Ted Lasso Received five nominations, while morning show Four raised. koda They have not been fully released The tragedy of Macbeth Also refine the Apple image.

Other services also have their right. Amazon has had success with titles like Being Ricardos And tender bar, while the Disney empire made its presence felt with nominations for The Handmaid’s Tale And Disney + series like loki And The Hawk and the Winter Soldier.

Netflix also broke cultural boundaries – squid game is the first A non-English series earns a SAG nomination, not to mention the number one Korean series. This isn’t entirely surprising given Netflix’s passion for making blockbuster movies around the world, but it’s worth noting given how hard it is for foreign releases to crack these accolades.

Theatrical and television subjects continue to have a large presence in the SAG nominations. However, it’s clear that a partial return to normalcy in entertainment has had only a limited impact – streaming shows are still thriving in the current awards scene.

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