New ‘Brave’ players will need to fly before they can play competitive games

The new set with an aggressive navigation-based toolkit isn’t the only potentially game-changing tool valuation With the update of Episode 4 of the shooter on January 11th. Once the patch is published, new players will need to reach account level 20 before they can wait. Previously, you only had to win 10 unranked matches before you could participate in matchmaking.

Many other multiplayer games, including Note and watch And Riot’s own League of Legends, uses similar restrictions. It helps ensure that new players have at least some time to learn the game before jumping into a match under high pressure. It also deters a practice known as smurfs. That’s when more experienced players create new accounts to avoid long queues and play against less skilled opponents.

“We believe that everyone should take the time to learn the ins and outs of the core game, and get an adequate view of all the maps and agents valuation Riott said of the change. The tweak will only affect new accounts made from this point on. So if you started playing recently valuation And you have at least one competitive match in your account, you will not lose access.

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