New trailer for Marvel’s Spider-Man No Way Home: Spidey vs.

Doc Ock and Spider-Man are out on the highway.
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One of the smartest things about the upcoming Marvel and Sony Spider-Man: There is no room for home It is Peter Parker’s apparent reluctance to direct Dimensional hopping enemies He’s about to confront. in a The latest Marvel trailers For the movie, Peter resented the idea of Electro, the green puck, And Doctor Octopus It was all doomed to die at his own hand, which is very rich considering that the suit of armor he wore was designed to turn him into a killing machine (when necessary)).

While the whole situation with Thanos should have impressed Peter how superheroes can’t always talk about deadly criminals, There is no place for home Find for him More interested in trying to piece his personal life together after his identity is revealed to the world. Once Peter’s magical plan goes awry, it becomes a classic Spider Man bad guys appear, that they Clarify that they are clowns, meaning murder. To underline this point, Sony has just dropped a new series There is no place for home Clips via IGN, one of which focuses on one of Doc Ock’s first encounters with Peter. Confused and as friendly as Peter tries to be, Doc Ock wastes no time packing his claws to destroy Spider-Man because that’s exactly what bad guys do. Act.

Whether it’s because Tom Holland’s Peter Parker grew up in the MCU where the heroes try not (to draw attention to the fact that they’re) getting killed, or because Marvel and Sony are still trying to maintain some sense of “perfection” about their Spider-Man incarnation, the whole “I don’t kill” Thing It seems to be something There is no place for homeHe will spend time unpacking the luggage. Peter may have to get over this anxiety, especially once All The bad guys appear ready and willing to put him aside for good. Spider-Man: There is no room for home Hits theaters December 17th.

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