Nintendo almost became the first smartphone in the world

The concept of smartphones has been around long before Apple unveiled the iPhone and took the concept mainstream. If you remember, in the past, there were people who were already using PDAs that you can almost consider the precursor to smartphones, but it looks like Nintendo could have largely beat companies like Apple.

according to Liam Robertson, a video game historian, researcher, and journalist, discovered a Nintendo ad from the 1990s that revealed that the company was working on an add-on for the Game Boy Color. This addon was known as PageBoy and when used with Game Boy Color would have given it smartphone-like capabilities.

We’re talking about internet connectivity where users can read news and magazines, get weather reports, watch live TV and even call and message other PageBoy owners. The technology they worked with was the same as PageBoy systems, which is why the company chose to call it PageBoy.

However, the company didn’t go so far as to release it publicly because according to Robertson, the communications technology behind PageBoy was only used in certain parts of the world, and Nintendo wanted a device that would work anywhere in the world, not just specific markets, which is why it was canned;

Had it been launched, Nintendo would have been one of the first, if not the first, companies to launch a smartphone.

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