Nio’s new ET5 EV rivals the Model 3 with a range of 620 miles

The soon-to-be Nio ET7 was built specifically to challenge the Tesla Model S, and now the company appears to have a (partial) answer to the Model 3. Electric Nio says it introduced the ET5, an affordable “midsize” electric sedan. It starts at CNY 328,000 (~$51,450), or much less than ET7’s $70,000, but offers similarly large range numbers. Nio claims the 75kWh base battery provides more than 341 miles of range using the test cycle in China, while the top 150kWh “Ultralong Range” package is supposed to be good for more than 620 miles. You’ll likely pay a lot more for the privilege and you might not see that range in real life, but the numbers still tempt you away from the higher-end Model 3 if long-distance driving is critical.

You can expect the usual amounts of technology. ET5 will have built-in support for self-driving features when approved, and drivers will have a “digital cockpit” thanks to augmented reality glasses developed by Nreal that can project a virtual screen equivalent to 201 inches at 20 feet at a distance. Nio has teamed up with Nolo to make virtual reality goggles as well, although it’s safe to say you won’t be wearing them while driving.

Deliveries are expected to begin in September 2022. That’s a long way off, but Nio appears to be on track with its EV plans as it expects to deliver the ET7 on time (if only) starting March 28.

This launch also corresponds to Nio’s tentative steps outside of China. The brand only expanded to Norway in 2021, but aims to start sales in Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden in 2022. You should see the badge in 25 countries and regions by 2025. While Nio still isn’t considered a heavyweight vehicle by that point, the brand could Easily squeeze out other electric car makers within a few years.

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