No Way Home’s biggest suites aren’t real spoilers

Peter Parker talks to Doctor Strange as he throws a large glowing circle of magical runes from his hands in Spider-Man: No Way Home

“Can I talk about my movie yet?” “… number.”
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The big release for the festive season, no doubt Spider-Man: There’s no room for home. Sony and Marvel’s new cinematic outing became both of 3rd biggest global editorial of all time And the biggest Sony movie ever, with $587.2 million office at the time of writing.

One element of its success may be its secrecy. Before its release, both Sony and Marvel insisted you keep your mouth shut about what’s going on There is no place for home. they put Video He asks fans not to be that guy and screw things up early for those who won’t be able to see the movie right away, and has issued tips for staying safe from things you might not want to learn. And Tom Hardy did the same for Poison: Let there be a massacre.

When it comes to the MCU and its neighboring worlds, Marvel fails to show true consistency in what it chooses to hide or reveal. If you had a TV in 2014, you probably saw an ad to Captain America: The Winter Soldier Which spoils the emotional punch that Bucky is the honorary cyborg killer. but then Avengers: Endgame She was wary about a plot to undo the time travel, and even her own name, for no reason in the end. at the same time Thor Ragnarok The first trailer happily showed Mjolnir smashed to pieces and Hulk’s role as a Hungarian wrestler. they will be overly secretive One side of their mouth pops out and things unleash loudly from the other side…something Poor Florence Pugh I found out recently when you appeared in hook.

For the fourth stage, Marvel decided to present Just Enough hints to allow viewers to draw some reasonable conclusions for what’s coming next. Black Widow is a prequel for game over , She spends half her runtime preparing Pugh’s Yelena Belova to take her big sister spy spot, so of course she’ll show up to kick Jeremy Renner’s ass. It was something of an open secret WandaVision I will tie the next day Dr. Gharib movie, and everyone assumed Strange himself would appear at some point.

Which leads us to no way home, and by the way …

Photo of the article titled Spider-Man: No Way Home Spoilers is coming...from inside the house

Marketing for Spider-Man: There is no room for home Focuses on how the villains in the previous Spider-Man movies looked as if they were destroying the lives of New York and Peter. It’s not much of a jump (more than a stroll across the street, really) to see how that might indicate the emergence of Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire as well. This is something Marvel wanted to keep a secret, but considering how people have lost their minds In the verses of the spider League of Amazing Spiders and how the transfers are done Too hot nowIt’s a mystery why. If anything, it would be smart to announce it: Come see these three Spider-Men together on the big screen, for the first and possibly the only time!

None of this means that Marvel should tweet every single one of its movies and TV shows. They have the right to promote the film because they must view the theatrical experience as they see fit. But despite all their cordon and cross operations to keep the associated secrets There is no place for home And game overAnd These moments are not so much ruinous secrets as future marketing material. Give it a few more days, and scenes of spiders swinging together will appear in advertisements declaring this to be “the world’s number one movie.” They did I did it before.

At least Disney and Sony? Put your stuff at the exact same time for everyone, if that matters who – which much to you.

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