NVIDIA RTX 2050 Laptop GPU puts an old name on new technology

NVIDIA is once again reviving an old name in its graphics chipset, but this time it’s using completely modern technology. as Anand Tech The company introduced a GeForce RTX 2050 laptop GPU that might look like low-cost recycled hardware, but is based on the same Ampere design found in the RTX 3050 series. The naming scheme is confusing, to put it mildly, but this gives you updated radial tracing in a potentially powerful package. be affordable.

You’ll have to settle on a 64-bit memory bus instead of a 3,050 128-bit tube, and the boost clock stops at 1,477MHz versus 1,740MHz. However, you’ll still get the same 2,048 CUDA cores and 4GB of GDDR6 memory, while peak power consumption drops to a more reasonable 45W compared to 80W for high-end chips. This is partly for “in-between” laptops that don’t have the chassis space or batteries for RTX 30 GPUs.

The company also revealed two entry-level chipsets, the MX550 and MX570, although they are shy on details beyond promising more CUDA cores, faster memory, and greater power efficiency than the MX450 it replaces. The MX550 is based on the older Turing geometry, while the MX570 uses Ampere. As with previous MX chips, these are for thin and light mobile devices where the integrated graphics may not be good enough.

There’s another off-brand issue: the release window. NVIDIA doesn’t expect the RTX 2050 or new MX parts to ship laptops until spring 2022. That’s usually a long delay, and notes that NVIDIA is now announcing GPUs to clear its January CES roster. Whatever the reason, you’ll have to be patient if you want a laptop with modern NVIDIA graphics but find RTX 3050-equipped systems out of reach.

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