NVIDIA starts rolling out Android 11 update for all Shield TV models

NVIDIA has started rolling out the Experience 9.0 software upgrade for Shield TV devices, and will upgrade its operating system to Android 11. The company says Experience 9.0 will bring the new operating system to all Shield TV devices, including the original 2015 models, and will also include an Android security patch. for September 2021 that fixes a vulnerability that allows remote attackers to cause a permanent denial of service.

Additionally, the upgrade adds access to a new Google keyboard with support for voice searches. Users will now be able to search for movies and shows to watch by issuing voice commands through the Google Assistant. Those with aptX-compatible Bluetooth headphones will be able to start using them with the streaming box as well.

Other updates including the option to automatically disconnect Bluetooth devices in sleep mode to save battery, a power saver setting for additional power allocation and Stadia button support for Xbox, Playstation and Shield controllers. For GeForce Now members, the update adds support for additional Bluetooth keyboards and mice. Additionally, Twitch has been updated to be able to support high-quality streaming and gaming for them at the same time.

Finally, those who live in the US can get six months of Peacock Premium for free when they get a new Shield TV. Peacock is the NBCUniversal streaming service that serves as the home of NBC Offers like office. It has a free ad-supported version with a limited catalog, and an ad-free premium version with more content that costs $5 per month.

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