“OlliOlli World” arrives on February 8th

The last broadcast has ended, and while there is no news unfortunately Nintendo has revealed more details about the other games coming to the Switch. of between it elementary world, which will be released on February 8.

Roll7’s latest OlliOlli game () is a skateboarding platformer, where you score points by pulling tricks as you make your way through the world of Radlandia. Along with there are two asynchronous multiplayer modes. In Gnarvana League, you will get higher scores and the more you play, the more cosmetic items you unlock for your character. In Gnarvana Portal mode, you can take procedurally generated levels with some customizable factors in mind, such as style, difficulty, and length. You can share creations with other players using a code, which will work across all platforms.

Roll7 and publisher Private Division also announced two expansions for An elementary world. The Void Riders DLC, arriving in the summer, will add more levels, characters, gameplay options, cosmetics, and a new biome. The second expansion is set for next fall, more details to be revealed later.

In addition to switching, elementary world Coming to PC, PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Pre-orders start today and the basic version of the game costs $30. The Rad Edition, which costs $45, includes both expansions. Owners of the base game will be able to purchase the downloadable content separately.

Other titles featured during the Indie World Showcase include . The game, in which you map the world to explore and solve puzzles, was a huge hit earlier this year. It’s available on Switch today. Today also comes to the hybrid console the working platform par excellence Dungeon Munchiesparty game let’s play! Oink . Games A ghost puzzle adventure Timelie, for which a demonstration will be available.

And killing They are ported to the Switch this spring. Among the new games navigating the Switch is sea ​​of ​​stars, prequel RPG for Prophet (which will arrive in holiday 2022), the title of the puzzle Alisha – Forgetting Twin Gods (autumn), Figure 2: Creed Valley (February, with demo available today) and River City Girls 2 (summer).

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