OrCam’s MyEye Pro clips onto glasses to help the visually impaired read and recognize faces

OrCam, a company that makes products to aid accessibility for the visually impaired, won the CES Innovation Award for its eyeglass-mounted MyEye Pro device. It helps the blind and visually impaired by reading printed and digital texts, getting to know people, identifying products, and more. OrCam was awarded in both the Accessibility to Innovation and Health and Wellness categories at CES.

Professor Amnon Shashua, co-founder and co-chair of OrCam, said in the OrCam blog: “We live in unstable times, however…Post.

MyEye Pro is mounted on a pair of glasses and transmits visual information with audible sound. The main new feature is “Smart Read” that works much like the Crtl-F / CMD-F (Search) functions on a PC or Mac, allowing users to get specific information – something that helped influence the CES board” The interactive smart reading capability offers users an experience tailored to them,” the judges wrote.

Another recent feature that arrived last year is the OrCam voice assistant. Users can talk to MyEye Pro (or the company’s OrCam Read) to activate facial recognition, or tell the device to read pages in books, newspapers, and restaurant menus. “The newly released ‘Hey OrCam’ allows all device features and settings to be controlled hands-free, using voice commands,” CES judges noted.

As for the hardware itself, the OrCam Eye Pro is an update to the previous OrCam Eye product with a faster processor, two microphones instead of one, longer battery life, an improved eyewear accessory and more. Thanks to processor optimizations, it runs faster and “responds faster and with higher accuracy [for] Noting gesture response, barcode and banknote identification, and face recognition, OrCam wrote.

Right before CES 2021 last year, we noticed that accessibility in technology had improved but more still had to be done. Adding functionality to existing products and software is an important part of that, but purpose-built hardware also plays a role. “OrCam MyEye and OrCam Read have been instrumental in ensuring that our users can continue their academic, professional and personal endeavours, and stay connected to family, friends, and the community at large,” Shashua said.

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