Outdoor Gifts for Kids – A Christmas Guide to 2021

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If you’re looking for practical gifts that keep your kids off their screens and boost their love of the great outdoors, then this gift guide is for you. These outdoor gifts for kids are the ones we actually use or have on our Christmas shopping list. Hush! Don’t tell the girls!!

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Scooters are essential for our girls who often prefer to swap their feet for wheels when we are out exploring. When we bought their first scooters, we made sure to choose ones that were foldable, which makes it really easy to transport them in the trunk for days.

Tot currently has the iScoot X10*, which is a two-wheeled foldable scooter with brakes.

iScoot x10 RRP £33.99

Baby has the iScoot Banne 3 Wheel Scooter*, which comes with light-up front wheels and is sturdier for younger kids.

Banne 3 Wheel Scooter RRP £39.99

Each of our iScooters has had a lot of use and has continued well. However, Baby has definitely outgrown her Banne now that she’s six, so we get both girls a new scooter for Christmas.

We chose scooters*. They are a little more expensive but we know they will be used daily.

Micro Scooters RRP £69.95 +

A Year of Craftsmanship and Play: 52 Things to Make and Do

You’ll never run out of ideas for making hiking and outdoor time fun with this adorable activity book.

The year of nature craftsmanship and play* Contains 52 fun activities that follow the chapters.

There are crafts, gardening, games, and art and science activities for kids aged seven and up that are budget-friendly and will entertain all year round.

A Year of Craftsmanship and Play: 52 Things to Make and DoRecommended retail price: £12.99 hardboard / £7.99 Kindle

Wild Kids Firecraft Adventure Kit

The contents of the Firecraft chest are placed on a tree trunk
Wild Kids Firecraft Box

My girls go to jungle school once a week and they love it. Especially getting a chance to roast marshmallows around a real campfire.

The Firecraft Box from Wild Kids gives you all the tools you need to have the same fun using a fire pit or chiminea in your garden or while on an adventure.

The box contains a beautiful wood handle firewood handle, pocket blower handle and Firecraft tool kit. There are also six challenges and skills to immerse you in the marvel of natural fire.

It is also virtually plastic free. The only plastic I’ve spotted is the reusable pocket inflator. Everything else, including the packaging is eco-friendly.

Readers offer: Order your Firecraft Adventure Kit before December 21, 2021 and get a free bundle of Naked Marshmallows with code WILDTINBOX at check-out.

Buy the Firecraft Adventure Kit and other craft jungle boxes from Wild Kids.

Firecraft Adventure Kit RRP £34.99

Toast’d Marshmallow Toast ‘N’ Dip . Collection

Girls looking at a set toasting marshmallows

Another fun set to buy for kids this Christmas is this toasted marshmallow tin.

It comes with everything you need to whip up a delicious dessert while a day out or camping, including a non-toxic, odorless, smokeless gel stove, sprinkles and chocolate for dipping.

Not only that, Toast’d sets are 100% plastic-free. The box is recyclable and the packaging film is derived from wood pulp, which means it is completely biodegradable and can be composted. We love guilt-free treats!

Marshmallow Toast ‘N’ Dip RRP set from £15-19

walkie talkie

We bought walkie-talkies for the girls to use when we go camping, but they are also useful when they are playing outside with friends at home.

Girls love to use it to chat and play games. It is reassuring to us that they have a way to communicate with us if they are out of their reach.

The Motorola T42 2-Way Walkie Talkies * We did really well. They come in a pack of three and have a clip on the back so you can attach them to your kids’ clothes. They have a range of 4 km and 16 channels – more than you’ll ever need.

Motorola T42 Walkie Talkies RRP £37.50

change robes

If you spend long periods of time dealing with nature, whether it’s in the water or while camping, we can highly recommend getting a changing robe such as dry clothes or moon wrap*.

Mr. Tin Box and I bought our dry clothes to use after paddling on the boards. They are great for changing clothes at the beach or traveling home without getting car seats wet.

We also used it as a warm, waterproof layer while sitting outside of our camper. They come in handy on humid days at festivals because they are tall enough to sit and have deep slip pockets for purses, phones, and tissues (in case you run out of toilet paper).

So, it’s time to buy baby changing robes too! Often they sneak into our country if they first get out of the water on the shore.

Instead of getting kids’ dry robes, which are just as expensive as those for adults, we bought Moon Wraps*. It comes with a waterproof outer lining, three-quarter length sleeves for easy changing, a front zip, hood and zip pockets.

Moon Wraps RRP from £69.99 to £79.99

gardening tools

We spent a lot of time making our garden during the early days of the pandemic and now have a witch patch and vegetables. She loved the girls involved in planting and harvesting lettuce, beans, tomatoes and strawberries.

They got Grandma and Grandpa’s Tin Box a set of gardening tools. These come in handy for their green endeavors.

RHS Garden Tools RRP £40.99 (currently £21.49 on Amazon)

hats and gloves

Hi-Gear Hat & Gloves

Here’s a great little stuffing idea. Hats and gloves are essential items for outdoor adventures.

Hi-Gear Kids’ Hat and Glove Set RRP £17 (currently in stock)

Wellington shoes

Joules Wellington Kids' Dot & Unicorn Sneaker

Will my girls’ feet ever stop growing?! Tot has gone up three sizes this year alone.

Wellington shoes are absolutely essential to us. And with so many fun styles available from Joules* and Regatta*, it can be a bright and cheerful gift too.

Wellingtons RRP is different

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