Picard Group shuts down after Covid-19 outbreak

Suji and Picard sit opposite each other at a table in a scene from the Star Trek series Picard.

Soji (Isa Briones) and Picard (Patrick Stewart) could be a little more social distancing in one scene this season.
picture: CBS

sEason two Star Trek series Piccard is being about to arrive On Paramount+ next month, but the show is still in production, while maintaining Timetable film organizer second seasons And three noon to noon. or is I was In production until this week, when a science fiction show Earth temporarily to a halt Exactly for the reason you’re thinking of.

The Hollywood Reporter Breaking the news: “Sources say more than 50 members of the big production tested positive on Monday, the first working day after the Christmas holidays. The Patrick Stewart-led series has one of television’s biggest crews, and has a staff of more than 450 employees. The infection affected multiple areas, including the area cast in Area A.” Trade also indicated that production is expected to resume next week, “If not sooner, though, the details remain forgotten.”

Delivery time Soon it released its own report on the story with additional information, namely that main actor Stewart was not among the Piccard The cast and crew have tested positive for the virus. She added that she is based in Los Angeles The show was in production Season two is closing time.

Given the state of the world and the rapid spread of the highly contagious omicron variant, this news is not particularly surprising – welcome to HThe new Olywood Normal in these pandemic timesAlthough just The number of positive test cases, especially now that the industry has become so widespread strict covid protocols adopted, Still amazing. Presumably, this production interruption won’t affect the second season premiere next month, although that front has not yet been announced.

In addition to Stewart, Piccard also the stars Alison Bell, Issa Briones, Evan Evagura, Michelle Heard, Santiago Cabrera, Jerry Ryan, Orla Brady, And Brent Spinner.

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