Pixar’s Turning Red will give up theaters at Disney +

turns redIt is Pixar’s latest feature film, and will premiere exclusively on Disney+, the studio announced on Friday. He follows spirit And Luca As the third Pixar movie to skip the theatrical release. Disney had planned for the first time turns red In theaters, but most likely due to the recent spike in COVID-19 cases across the United States and most of the world, that won’t happen. What hasn’t changed is the release date: the movie will still premiere on March 11th as it was originally scheduled.

“Given the late recovery at the box office, especially for family films, flexibility remains at the heart of our distribution decisions as we prioritize delivering unparalleled content for The Walt Disney Company to audiences around the world,” said Karim Daniel, Head of Media and Entertainment. Disney distribution.

Truth turns red The silver screen premiere wouldn’t be a shame as it marked the full debut of one of Pixar’s most promising young talent, Domee Shi. She won an Academy Award in 2019 for her work in the short film luggage, which was shown side by side Incredibles 2 in theatres. Like luggageAnd turns red It is located in Shi’s hometown of Toronto, Canada. It tells the story of Mei Li (voiced by Rosalie Chiang), a teenager who discovers that she transforms into a red panda when she is too excited. Naturally, all kinds of screams arise as a result. Did we mention the gorgeous Sandra Oh is also in the movie? Yes, that would be great.

Truth turns red She will not have a theatrical performance which will greatly affect her earning potential. In turn, this may make Disney less willing to invest in productions as diverse as turns red. If there is a positive side, it is that families will at least have the opportunity to watch the film from their safe homes.

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