PS Plus games for January include “Persona 5 Strikers” and “Dirt 5”.

We’re heading into 2022, which means Sony will soon be updating the lineup of games that PlayStation Plus members can claim at no additional cost. Starting January 4th, you’ll be able to opt out Persona 5 Strikers, Earthen 5 And Deep Rock Galactic.

Persona 5 Strikers Follow events Person 5 (which PS5 owners can hack through the PS Plus suite). The RPG, which was released in the West earlier this year, pulls in elements from the Dynasty Warriors series as well. It’s the only PS Plus game for January that doesn’t have an original PS5 release.

dirt 5 It is the latest game in the long-running Dirt series. The off-road racing title, which came out in November 2020, includes features such as split-screen for four players and the Playground creative mode. You can race across more than 70 routes in 10 global locations.

Deep Rock GalacticIn the meantime, it will debut on PlayStation as a PS Plus game. The co-op first-person shooter arrived on PC and Xbox in May 2020. You’ll play as a space dwarf and there are four classes to choose from: engineer, gunner, excavator and scout. Players explore procedurally generated destructible cave systems and encounter waves of aliens as they search for resources.

PS Plus subscribers will have until February 1st to claim these titles. In the meantime, you have until January 3rd to disable the six matches in the current squad. You can crash Godfall: Challenger Edition, Lego DC Super Villains And fatal shell, as well as PS VR titles perseverance (which you can also play without a headset)The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners And until you fall.

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