Quidditch unions name changed due to Rowling’s transphobia

Keele Squirrels (in green) plays Radcliffe Chimeras during the Quidditch Crumpet Cup at Clapham Common on February 18, 2017 in London, England.

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Quidditch players from all over the world Ready to hand bludger to name The sport they love deeply, thanks in part to You-Know-Who. No, not Voldemort, but J.K. Rowling, a woman who is now known to be needlessly expressive Transphobic opinions Who invented sports for her? Harry Potter Book series.

Since the release of books and movies, fans around the world have adapted the fantasy game, which is played in the air on a flying broomstick, In a realistic competitive sport. There have been professional leagues for years now, and in recent days, several of them have come together to start officially changing the name of the sport in order to separate from Rolling and Warner Brothers, which owns Harry Potter Copyrights.

As the game grew, the name ‘quidditch,’ which is a trademark of Warner Bros., limited the expansion of the sport, including but not limited to sponsorships and broadcast opportunities. Both tournaments expect this name change to allow for exciting new developments. to our players, fans and volunteers as the sport continues to grow.” Got it Variety. A new name will be decided upon based on a series of surveys created by the leagues – as well as the UK-based UK Quidditch Association – in the coming months.

While the statement leads to legal issues related to the sport Intellectual property controlled by companiesThe statement also explained that there is another reason to distance the sport from the fantasy that originally inspired it. Additionally, Championships hopes the name change will help it continue to distance itself from the work of J.K. Rowling, author of Harry Potter A series of books, which have come under increasing scrutiny for their anti-trans stances in recent years,” the statement continued. “Our sport has built a reputation as one of the most progressive in the world for gender equality and inclusivity, thanks in part to the rule of thumb between Gender, which states that a team may not have more than four players of the same gender in a field at a time. Both organizations feel it is essential to live up to this reputation in all aspects of their operations and believe this is a step in that direction.”

It certainly is. Fans are starting to lose faith in Rowling Back in 2017 whenDespite allegations of abuse against Johnny Depp, she supported the actor who was starring in it Fantastic beasts series. (he It was replaced later for Mads Mikkelsen’s third film.) Things took a big turn after a few years, Although, when Rowling started (and continued to) made it clear that she was holding onto it Unabashedly transphobic perspectives And he was infuriatingly stubborn about it. It’s a fact that persists in the public eye – even and Including last week. Along the way, Rowling’s notable men like Daniel Radcliffe And Eddie Redmayne condemned its actions, while Warner Bros. I remained unconvincingly aloof While continuing to mine Harry Potter privilege for all worth.

WLK Quidditch added to the sentiment of fellow organizations with a statement of her own. “Distancing ourselves from J.K. Rowling will enhance sport and community as an inclusive space as it truly is. Since our inception, the inclusion of all people, regardless of race, gender, gender identity or background has been a cornerstone of our sport,” the statement read. “We cannot continue to call ourselves kidditch and connect with JK Rowling while you continue to make malicious and hateful comments against the many transgender athletes, staff and volunteers who call this sports community home.”

In response to these reports, Variety obtained a statement from Rowling’s representation: “The Quidditch Premier League, American Quidditch and the Quidditch Major League have not been approved or licensed by JK Rowling,” which, of course, is also at the heart of the issue here. Rowling might say bad luck, but it is hoped that her disapproval will be enough for all of these organizations to sever their ties once and for all.

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