Razer’s latest absurd concept is a modular workstation with a 65″ OLED screen

CES wouldn’t be the Consumer Electronics Show without Razer bringing at least one initial product to the action. This year was no different with the company that used the annual trade fair to unveil Project Sophia, a modular gaming desk. The table in its current version includes space for 13 separate units. They can be used to add components such as touch hotkeys, external capture cards, and audio mixers to Project Sophia, allowing you to customize the station to your needs. Razer claims that it is possible to reconfigure the table “in seconds.”


The computer that powers everything is in a chassis that is magnetically snapped under Project Sofia’s glass tabletop. Razer says it features the latest components from Intel and NVIDIA, and you can detach the case at any time to install new upgrades. Of course, since this is a Razer product, you’ll find plenty of RGB lighting, all of which you can control through the company’s Chroma software. But arguably the most striking aspect of the Sofia project is the 65-inch OLED screen that is integrated into the terminal. The company says it will also offer a 77-inch model — but we’ll note here that Project Sophia may never come to market.

Looking at the rest of the concept, it seems Razer has paid less attention to ergonomics. Judging from the company’s post offerings, you can’t adjust Project Sophia’s height to make it a standing desk or to better accommodate chair position. And speaking of chairs, the company also revealed a “Pro HyperSense” version of the $399 Enki gaming chair. Razer has partnered with D-Box to add tactile accents to the chair. It will support 2,200 games, movies and TV series, including versions from publishers such as Ubisoft and Microsoft. Oh, and it will also come with RGB lighting.

Inky Pro Hypersense


Razer hasn’t said when it plans to release either product, though we anticipate that it’s very likely the Enki Pro HyperSense chair will bring it to market.

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