Researchers discover metal detectors can be hacked

Do you know the metal detectors you have to bypass when you are at the airport? Oftentimes, they work largely as advertised. In fact, many of them work really well and can catch all kinds of metal stuff in your pockets like loose change etc.

However, these metal detectors seem to be impenetrable which means they can be hacked and modified so that if someone had metal in their pockets, it wouldn’t explode. That’s according to researchers at Cisco Talos who discovered that the iC unit used in Garrett’s metal detectors could in fact be hacked to stop it.

This unit is used as the control center for the human operator of the detector. A person can use a laptop or other type of interface to remotely control the detector, as well as engage in real-time monitoring and diagnosis.

According to the researchers, “An attacker can manipulate this unit to remotely monitor statistics for a metal detector, such as whether an alarm was triggered or how many visitors have passed through it. They can also make configuration changes, such as changing the device’s sensitivity level, which could pose a security risk to users who rely on these metal detectors.”

However, the good news is that for those who own and use Garrett metal detectors, updating the iC unit firmware should fix the problem. The researchers initially revealed this to Garrett in August, with the manufacturer releasing a fix in December.

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