Rivian has chosen Georgia as the site for its second electric vehicle factory

After months of speculation, electric transmission startup Rivian has been involved in the field as it plans to build a second plant. In the summer of 2022, the automaker will begin constructing a facility about an hour east of Atlanta, Georgia. Once the plant is completed sometime in 2024, the company hopes to eventually produce 400,000 electric cars there. It also plans to build a facility nearby to produce batteries.

Rivian says the electric vehicle facility will cost about $5 billion to build and employ more than 7,500 employees. The company will pay for it from the proceeds of its last public offering on November 10. Once completed, the facility will greatly enhance Rivan’s manufacturing capacity. The automaker claims that its first and currently only plant in Normal, Illinois can produce about 150,000 vehicles annually. It plans to manufacture about 200,000 there eventually each year.

This may sound like a lot but Rivian is still in the process of ramping up production and meeting demand for its vehicles. As of December 15, 2021, the company said it had produced 652 of its R1 vehicles. As of the same day, it had a total of 71,000 pre-orders from customers. You also need to produce at least 100,000 trucks for Amazon. In other words, its work has stopped.

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