Samsung bakes its own cloud gaming platform into TVs

She’s fixing up her TV front, looking to get many of your gaming needs together in one place. Via the Gaming Hub, you’ll be able to play console games right from your home TV screens so you can start playing them a little faster.

Moreover, you can access Samsung’s new game streaming service from the hub. The company ramped up its cloud gaming business back in October. You’ll be able to connect third-party controllers and headphones to compatible TVs, so you may not need to choose additional hardware to play games on the platform.

According to an image shared by Samsung, gamers can access other streaming services from the hub, such as GeForce Now, Stadia, and NVIDIA’s Utomik PC gaming platform. Microsoft announced at E3 last year that its Xbox Game Pass smart TV app is on the way, so perhaps that will make its way to the Gaming Hub at some point.

The center will provide curated game recommendations with the help of Samsung’s AI Gaming Hub technology. With the new Game Bar, you’ll be able to customize aspects of your experience, such as visuals and settings. With Zoom mode, you can take a closer look at different parts of the screen, such as a mini map or a journal entry. Meanwhile, the ultra-fast multiplayer feature will let you watch a detailed YouTube tour of a section you might encounter – along with the game.

Samsung keeps gamers in mind on the hardware front, too. It fires 4K and 8K TVs with a 144Hz refresh rate, which could help make games feel smoother. GeForce now started offering a 120fps option in October.

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