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Of all the iPhone features Apple has upgraded over the years — from the camera to the screen to the software — the built-in speaker remains disappointing at best. A good pair of headphones solves this problem, but so does Scosche’s new BoomCanMS portable speaker, a small Bluetooth boom box that secures itself to modern iPhones with a MagSafe connection on the back.

Not that Apple doesn’t care how good the iPhone’s built-in speakers sound. The speaker on the iPhone 13 sounds a lot better than it did on the original model released in 2007. The way the speaker sounds depends entirely on how much air it can move around, and the tiny speaker in a smartphone will never be able to compete With speakers you’ll find even Smart speakers the size of a hockey puckNot to mention the speakers that come with the home theater surround sound kit.

Basic physics works against how good the iPhone will sound on its own, but for $45, Scosche BoomCanMS is a simple way to upgrade your iPhone’s audio capabilities if you vehemently refuse to wear headphones. With Bluetooth 5.0, it doesn’t connect to your iPhone as easily as AirPods do, but you can pair it in iOS settings. Scosche promises five hours of listening on a charge, and BoomCanMS can also be used as an upgraded speaker phone if you have a room full of people trying to listen in on a call. A pair of BoomCanMS speakers can also be connected wirelessly for true stereo sound, but only one speakers can magnetically use the iPhone at a time.

TBoomCanMS also has an IPX7 rating, Which means it can easily survive immersion in water up to a meter deep for half an hour, but don’t expect it to pump your tunes if you decide to take the plunge. However, if you happen to drop it and your phone in the toilet, you don’t have to worry about the speaker dying afterwards.

The MagSafe speaker comes in black or white and will be available for purchase sometime this spring.

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