Scream 2022 is so wild and surprising fun

The face of a ghost with a knife was stained with blood.

Ghostface returns in Scream, the fifth no-no in the horror franchise.
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The best thing about the new Scream is that he knows everything.

He knows you’re skeptical that it’s the fifth movie in the franchise. He knows you’re wondering why the title isn’t limited to “shout 5 To keep up with continuity. He knows it thanks to live broadcasts / internet / movies like the first Scream, audiences in 2022 are more familiar with movies than they were in 1996. Most importantly, they know it 11 years later (scream 4 It was released in 2011) and 11 before that (shout 3 It was released in 2000), Scream The power of the big screen may not be what it used to be You better do something new to keep fit. Whether or not it works on this last point is definitely under discussion but we’re happy to report being surprising and clever for all of the above and more. Add a lot of demonic mysteries and a lot of horrific things horrors and the fifth Scream It is a worthy addition to the popular franchise.

the Scream The franchise was created by original writer Kevin Williamson who has returned this time as executive producer. Unfortunately, his partner in crime, legendary director Wes Craven (who directed all four previous films), He passed away in 2015. sMatt Bettinelli Olbin and Tyler Gillette shine in unpackable Craven shoes, by about two thirds Filmmaking group called Radio Silence. Famous for the movie 2019 ready or notOne of those self-aware films Scream in every pore of his DNA, making the pair a good fit. was the text Written by James Vanderbilt (Horoscope(and Jay Busick)ready or not), This means that Scream It is basically a movie of a group of Scream A movie for fans with one major cast member from Williamson’s past. It’s a proportion and ideology that comes on screen, too.

Neve Campbell and Courteney Cox in the movie Scream.

Sydney and Jill are back together again.
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While it is no secret that Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, and David Arquette reprise their roles as Sidney, Jill, and Dewey respectively, and probably only make up about 20% of the plot. The main plot revolves around Sam (in the heightsMelissa Barrera), a young woman who moved from the infamous town of Woodsboro after high school for mysterious reasons. She and her boyfriend Richie (boysJack Quaid returns though when Sam’s sister TaraJane the VirginGina Ortega) and her friends (played by the likes of Dylan Minette from 13 Reasons WhyJasmine Savoy Brown yellow jacketsMason Gooding Box Martand Mickey Madison from Once upon a time in Hollywood) You begin to be intimidated by Ghostface.

So there you see how this Scream Raises the previous bet from the previous one. The cast is delightfully diverse, Which gives 2022 Woodsboro a more modern, realistic and interactive feel. This is not the same place that Billy and Stowe intimidated in the first movie, and as a result, Ghostface can and will appear in places we are not used to Ghostface show. Directors use this uncertainty to great effect as well, putting the horror where we least expect it, and fake where we are. Other times, this flips over. The entire movie has a necessary and welcome feel and is uncomfortable as the rules have changed this time around. Of course, they really didn’t. Ghostface is still going to show up and brutally kill people, but even so, the movie has a foundation that ties it closer to the original rather than the sequel. Not to mention the deaths were increasingly disgusting and brutal, at that fun horror-movie method.

A ghost face in the doorway with a girl trying to close it.

Things are not looking good for Tara.
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Like all previous installments, most Scream It’s about figuring out who Ghostface is and why they’re killing all these people. At various points in the movie, you’ll swear you got it, only to completely change that view in a scene later. In fact, while watching the movie, I was sure to find out that I wrote a name and an explanation in my notes just so I’d be like, “Ha! I get you!” to all my friends. Turns out I was very, very wrong.

However, here’s how Scream It really sets itself apart from the rest. In this film, I will argue that the killer’s motives are more interesting and corrupting than the identity of the killer. seriously. I can (but I won’t!) tell you who/the killer/murderers are and you will surely be surprised, but if I tell you why he/she is doing this, you will be more Amazed and shocked. Everything is wrapped this way Scream It pays homage to the franchise’s past while also being a movie that seems deeply connected to 2022. Don’t worry, it’s not political or anything, but you might argue about it like it’s politics when you step off the stage. This potential dichotomy and willingness to engage the audience in these candid and direct ways is, I think, the film’s biggest gift. However, he would definitely end up being her biggest detractor as well. Some people will be really angry, and that’s exactly the point.

Sam's character in The New Scream.

Sam is our newest Scream Queen.
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Along the way, the new cast really does feel at home within a Scream Movie. Sam Barrera’s is capable and confident while giving almost nothing. Savoy Brown and Gooding play unique and funny twins who are facing each other Throats but always have that special brotherhood love under the surface. A perfect Quaid is like the always suspicious friend and Minnette is sympathetic while being cute too. Everyone is awesome, right on the line.

This applies to the original cast as well. Although they don’t have much to do this time around, Campbell, Cox, and Arquette raise the bar for the movie every time they appear on screen. Part of this is how the character script has progressed not only since then scream 4, but back to the original, and part of it is just an intangible level of comfort. Campbell and Cox are a decade more badass this time around, coming into the movie and showering it with expertise and class. But Arquette in particular, he’s the one who has to play a more complicated Dewey here, who eventually steals the show.

ghost face with knife

Who is behind the mask?
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Scream It is a worthy, frightening, gory addition to the franchise. It manipulates your expectations in such a way that it makes you guess from start to finish and gets into pockets of pop culture that you definitely wouldn’t expect but make perfect sense. You may love it, you may hate it, but if you’re a fan of the series, you’ll probably appreciate it laughing and cheering all the way through.

saw io9 Scream At a low-capacity press presentation in a movie theater, with required vaccinations and health forms filled out in advance. We understand that not everyone will have this option and urge you to be as safe as possible if you choose to go on stage. Scream Opens in theaters Friday only but will be available at Paramount+ 45 days after that.

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