Season 2 BTS videos on Ciri and New Witchers

Freya Allan as Ciri in a scene from the second season of Netflix's The Witcher.

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Netflix’s second season the magician He brings with him a lot of good material, from the growing relationship between Geralt (Henry Cavill) and Ciri (Freya Allan) to Yennefer (Anya Chalotra) to become her magical power. For Geralt and Ciri in particular, a lot of their relationship is rooted in her training for her become witch In Kaer Morhen, a prime location in the books and Geralt’s childhood home.

Netflix launched a file series of videos go in development the witcher Season Two, and two that focus specifically on the character development of the remaining Witchers and Ciri. Having spent the first season running from threat after threat, Alan was excited for Ciri to “move around what you want” and finally get involved in the action.

“It’s very difficult to go directly into the sword fighting procedure,” Alan recalls. “So I had to do some training.” When it came time to do an actual stunt, model Lauren Schmidt Hissrich paid tribute to Alan’s dedication, particularly when it came to the obstacle course at Kaer Morhen. “She couldn’t have loved her more…Watching Freya being physically kicked out of her so many times was unbelievable and terrifying.”

Although Ciri wants to follow in her surrogate father’s footstepsHe’s not the only Witcher you spend time with all season. Below, the second video highlights other magicians: Eskel (Basil Eidenbenz), Coen (Yasen Atour), and Lambert (Paul Bullion). All three are fan favorites from books and games, but they are arguably outclassed in importance by Kim Bodnia’s Vesemir, Geralt’s father figure. Who starred in the prequel animation nightmare wolf. Vesemir has been leading the rest of the Witchers since the events of the movie, and Alan says that throughout the season, Ciri respects him as much as Geralt.

Each winter, the remaining Witchers go to Kaer Morhen because it is where they “feel rooted as a family,” in the words of Paul Billion, who plays Lambert,. Their rank rarity has made their bond with each other even stronger, which is something you see throughout the season as they help train Ciri and fight monsters together. “It’s about family and exploring what family means,” Bullion continued. “That’s what witches stand for.”

Family bonding is something fans have wanted to see on the show for some time, but the new season threw a curve ball that not everyone was happy about, leaving fans clamoring for answers..

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When Geralt and Ciri arrive at Kaer Morhen in Episode TwoThe reunion turns bleak when Eskel is revealed to have contracted a germ during her pursuit. hthen mail He was killed by Geralt, something that doesn’t happen often in the books. Speaking on the show’s YouTube podcast, Schmidt Hissrich discussed how grim Eskel’s fate process was. They knew how they always wanted to kill someone, and it was important to make sure that it had something to do with Ciri. No matter who died, this one had to die To force Geralt and the other Witchers to realize that her presence here will change things.

Originally, this was the death of a new character she calls “John”. But this death wouldn’t have bothered him, so that was the caseChanged into Eskel to have an actual effect on Geralt and motivate him to really train Ciri. “I know there are fans out there who love Eskel and feel, ‘Why would we do that?…But honestly, his death is what changes everything for Geralt.'” Part of wanting to kill Eskel and more Witchers was too To communicate the idea that the Witchers are stuck in an ever-changing world. “A lot of season two revolves around the fact, ‘Is the Witcher Brotherhood over?'” “…of course we had to kill more.”

As bleak as things are for the organisation, Schmidt Hissrich believes Wissemer still has some hope for the future. “There’s this history in Vesemir, it’s the keeper of Witcher history… When Ciri and Vesemir are walking into Kaer Morhen’s lab, we hear his account of the Witchers dying, and suddenly why does he think Ciri can be their savior. That kind of optimism is what’s really important to Vesemir.”

the magician Season two is now available on Netflix.

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