Signal Moxie founder Marlinspike is stepping down as CEO

Over the past few months, Signal Moxie founder Marlinspike has spoken with candidates likely to take on his role as the company’s CEO. That’s what Marlinspike revealed in a post about stepping down from his role over the next month, as he talked about striving to do just about everything on his own before creating the Signal Foundation four years ago. The foundation provided the encrypted messaging app with $50 million in funding from WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton, giving Signal the money it needed to be able to hire people and expand.

Before he could reach the funding, Marlinspike said he was writing all the code for Android and the server, facilitating the development of all the products and solving problems the service might have had on its own. Now, he said, Signal is a group of 30 people who each have their roles, and they can turn off their phone without worrying about the service exploding from the inside. “In other words, after a decade or more, it’s hard to overstate how important Signal is to me, but now I feel very comfortable replacing myself as CEO based on the team we have, and I also think it’s an important step to expand on Signal’s success.”

Marlinspike will remain on the Signal board and focus on finding the service’s next CEO over the next month. Currently, Acton will act as interim CEO. While he was talking about the move as a step toward Signal’s expansion, he didn’t say exactly why he was leaving the role. Take Crunch He believes it may have something to do with MobileCoin, a cryptocurrency that is built into Signal and allows users to send cryptocurrencies to each other through the app. It’s also unclear what Marlinspike does just then reveal on Twitter that he is “taking a break for a while”.

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