Simplified Humble Bundle subscription will include a members-only library

Humble Bundle didn’t exactly win fans with donation limits and subscription levels might be confusing, but it’s hoping to make some tweaks. Beginning February 1, the company’s monthly Humble Choice service is bundled around a single $12 monthly plan that gives you permanent copies of every game offered in a given month. Hempel noted that the number of games may vary, but you can still skip a month if you don’t like the selection and want to stay a member.

You will also have access to more games as long as you are subscribed. The new Humble Games Collection gives you access to a curated and expanding catalog of titles that you can only access as a Choice member. The initial mix is ‚Äč‚Äčlimited to only five games (including the relatively well-known one Void bastards) is available through the Humble app, but the company is clearly hoping the promise of a PlayStation Plus- or Xbox Game Pass-style library will keep you going even when the monthly picks aren’t to your liking.

Selection has other modified privileges. You’ll get up to 20 percent off eligible games you buy from the Humble Store, but you’ll have to subscribe for at least a year. You’ll get this discount immediately if you subscribe by February. Five percent of your membership fee will be donated to charities.

This will not impress everyone. Classic subscribers who convert to a 20 percent discount will lose out the moment they skip a month, for example. This can be less confusing, however, and can be tempting if you want to access a handful of indie games regardless of what their monthly catalog offers.

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