Some Apple employees are going out on Christmas Eve

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A group of Apple employees announced that they were organizing a strike on Christmas Eve to demand better working conditions and urged the public not to shop in stores or online on Friday.

in a Twitter share On Thursday, workers at Apple Together, which is made up of employees in the company’s retail, corporate and AppleCare departments, asked for paid sick leave and proper mental health care, among other demands. The group appears to be an extension of #AppleToo حركة movement, which was formed to collect stories from employees at all levels in Apple who have been harassed or discriminated against.

“We are Apple. We deserve a respected workplace. We deserve paid sick time. We deserve protection on the front lines. We deserve proper psychological care,” the workers wrote.

Although the organizers said that strike money was available to the strike participants, emergency fund They are tied to accepting waiting list requests for salaries only.

Gizmodo has reached out to Apple for comment on the strike and workers’ demands, but has not received a response at press time. We’ll make sure to update this article if we hear back.

It was not immediately clear how many employees would take part in the strike on Friday, the last day for customers to buy gifts before Christmas Day, when Apple Stores are closed. Some former Apple employees praised and claimed the efforts on social media Working in company stores caused them to experience severe stressAnd Burnt, And harassment from clients.

If Apple Together workers do indeed pull out on Friday, the protest will be another example of increased activity and pushback on the part of the company employees. In addition to the #AppleToo movement, in June a group of employees wrote a letter To CEO Tim Cook and the Executive Team asking them to support those who wish to continue working remotely. Basically the apple This request was refused It embarked on plans to launch a hybrid working pilot project in February 2022.

However, the company recently launch delay of its pilot in light of the spread of the omicron variant of the coronavirus and said its return to office history “has not yet been determined.”

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