Sony is said to be planning to bring PlayStation Now to phones

Microsoft isn’t the only big gaming hardware maker hoping to bring its games to phones. the edge It said it obtained a document from Epic Games’ lawsuit against Apple stating that the iPhone maker learned that Sony was planning a “mobile extension” for PlayStation Now in 2017. The service would initially stream more than 450 PS3 games, and follow up with PS4 titles.

Apple mentioned the PlayStation Now expansion as it was in the early stages of development for Apple Arcade, and its answer to Sony’s service as well as Xbox Game Pass. While Arcade didn’t launch until 2019 and still doesn’t include streaming, Apple has seen PlayStation Now signal a broader shift toward gaming subscriptions.

Provided Apple’s precedent is accurate, it’s unclear why Sony is still not streaming games to smartphone owners. A hybrid of PlayStation Now and PlayStation Plus is scheduled for release in the spring of 2022, but the related rumors did not mention mobile access. Sony has already declined to comment.

There may be some factors at work. Sony may not have wanted to test Apple’s policies that effectively ban cloud gaming apps – Microsoft had to use the web to get around this limitation. There are also familiar technical challenges, such as adapting gamepad-focused titles to touch screens or ensuring reliable streams on cellular connections. Either way, this indicates that Sony was at least considering a more ambitious PlayStation Now version of the service you see today.

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