Square Enix sharpens Final Fantasy 14’s magically plump grapes

Square Enix’s first launch Final Fantasy XIV Correction after arriving in November. Besides adding more missions, items, and a raid dungeon, the update addressed several issues. One of them was a so-called bug fix that targeted some of the delightful grapes in one of the new regions.

“An issue in which the number of polygon grapes in Labyrinthos was reduced beyond limiting system memory usage in the region,” Square Enix wrote at the end, perhaps in an attempt to bury the biggest news from the update. “It has been modified to be comparable to that of the Crystarium.”

Low poly model quickly became a meme after the expansion began to operate, such as Notes, with some players embracing the plump aesthetic and others, the most foolhardy players incorrectly mock grapes as ugly. So, not everyone may be on board with the model’s polished edges.

It’s hard to call this a solution, because it’s unfortunate that Square Enix changed the appearance of the grapes. It looks good the way it is. The previous version looked like a refreshing throwback to some 3D games from the ’90s, like the original Tomb rider. Anyway, the latest development in the grape saga shows that developers can’t please everyone all the time, even when they’re dealing with apparent bugs.

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