‘STALKER 2’ will not include NFTs following fan fanfare

After the backlash from fans, stalker 2 Developer GSC Game World has retracted plans that it had to include in its new game. The announcement came a day after the studio announced that STALKER 2 would include NFTs.

On Thursday, GSC Game World published an explanation of the decision and then deleted it, saying that it will use the money it earned from the tokens to fund the development of the sequel. Fans were quick to criticize both Wednesday’s initial announcement and the statement the studio later shared. The response was such that GSC Game World deleted its appeal about an hour after it was posted.

“We hear you” to her Read the latest statement. “Based on the feedback we have received, we have made the decision to cancel anything related to NFT in STALKER 2.” The studio added that it would make the game “whatever the cost” for itself.

The GSC Game World update comes the same week that Ubisoft pushed forward with its plan to include NFTs in Ghost Recon: Breaking Point. While video game fans have been almost universally united in their aversion to technology, at this point it seems likely we’ll see more, not less, publishers trying to include NFT in their games with people like EA CEO Andrew Wilson saying that technology represents the “.

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