Star Wars The High Republic: The Fallen Star excerpt

Five Jedi, including Wookiee padawan Burryaga Agaburry, stand amidst the flames at Republic Starlight Beacon Station.

The Jedi defend what is left of the Starlight Beacon.
picture: Del Rey / Lucasfilm

Star Wars: The Supreme Republic It might barely be a year now, but it’s already its golden age Collapses, paving the way for the long decline of the Jedi and the Republic, we finally see the tail end of the prequel trilogy. Take a look at the terror the Jedi will face in the final novel, falling starIn this exclusive preview of io9!

“Anyone who has looked at the cover art is for him falling star Know- The crises my grandfather faces in this book are serious. Seriously fatal. I won’t lie: there will be casualties,” Claudia Gray, one of the The main team of writers Behind Supreme Republic And the author of this latest pivotal chapter, he told io9 via email. “This is the part where I have to say that I regret causing readers pain, but let’s face it… I love it. Not because I am a sadist, but because every writer hopes readers are deeply involved in their characters, and because these are the events Supreme Republic A while ago, the stakes should be this high.”

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picture: Del Rey / Lucasfilm

falling star The third stage begins From Supreme RepublicThe first chapter, which was preparing the forces of the Republic and the Jedi Order – who had been narrowly removed from their role as explorers into military leaders, even hundreds of years before the Clone Wars that would put them in a low position – for battle against the evil pirates of the Nhill. They were encouraged by their attacks on the Republic’s festive diplomatic fair during events Rising Storm, Nihil is powered by a deadly new weapon revealed by their leader, Marchion Ro – a weapon that has the terrifying ability to wrest the same power from the Jedi.

“A while ago, Marchion Roe’s secret weapon appeared, little by little, from the shadows (literally and figuratively)—and this process takes a huge step forward in the falling star,” Gray joked. “What could separate a Jedi and a Force? Capricorns have no idea—and have no way of fighting it.”

Get a taste of the horror that awaits the Jedi – and one lady in particular, Indeera Stokes – in an excerpt from falling star Below, debuting on io9!

Indira Stokes stepped forward through relatively empty and quiet corridors. This level was largely used for storage, and I was appalled for a moment that they couldn’t create some temporary quarters here for the refugees on board. Lots of room, and the dock is getting too crowded.

—But these people had their own ships, which they often wished to stay near. While some of these compartments were empty, others were filled with valuable ingredients that could not be left scattered and available to all.

I realize you are distracting yourself. You think and think instead of opening up to strength. This will not help.

Do your job.

Indira took a deep breath and communicated her feelings. What I found is –

-It was nothing.

The force was not talking to her here. There was weaker. . . He called it a whisper. . . Evidence that she did not lose her mind, and that the force continued as it should. But for the first time since she was young, Indira had trouble tying herself to strength.

Just being wrong about it made her stumble. Indira stopped and put one hand on her head. She had to focus. Why don’t you think? She should have eaten, earlier – it was hard to shake off the idea that she was hungry –

Its comlink gig. Indira took it. “Stokes here-”

“help me.” The sheer terror in Regald Cole’s voice sent Indira’s skin a chill. “Please – please – help me!”

Indira ran onto her heels and ran the way I came, bent on following Regal. What happened to him? Suddenly, she became terribly afraid of him, more afraid than she had ever been for her life. Her shoes pounded the ground as she turned in that direction, then that, looking for the path she had seen Regal take earlier. This seems to be the right direction. . .

Her steps slowed. Indira swayed as she went, until she finally stumbled and had to catch herself against the nearest wall. She couldn’t see Regald, even though she knew that he could only be a few meters ahead of her. Why was it dark here?

The lights were on, but it was as if – as if she could not catch the light –

Indira’s eyes opened wider as the floor began to melt. The color and shape of the walls also changed. She knew she was hallucinating, but science didn’t help her; There was nowhere to be found. These delusions surrounded her, entrapped her, and took away all that was right and good.

The floor slapped her on the cheek, kicked her shoulder, and pushed her hip. She faintly tricked Indira beside her for her lightsaber, but she couldn’t close her hand around it, and what good would it do next to her? There was no enemy to fight. There was no place to stand.

There was no power to guide her. It’s gone, it’s gone, it’s gone forever, and you didn’t know it was possible to feel so frightened, so lonely.

Tears welled up in Indira’s eyes, and everything around her blurred until the vision vanished.

Star Wars: Supreme Republic: Fallen Star Releases on January 4th.

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