Syfy’s resident Alien returns with Season 2 this January

Promotional art for Syfy's Resident Alien, featuring Harry Alan Tudyk in both his human and alien forms.

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Stories about aliens living among us aren’t new, but they are Syfy’s stories resident alien Series is still able to magic viewers When it premiered last year. Based on Peter Hogan and Steve Parkhouse’s comics, Dark Horse, Alan Tudyk The role of titular alien is played by Harry Vanderspiegel, who has been working as a doctor ever since landed on the ground. While his goal In the first season it was Upon being picked up by fellow aliens and annihilated on Earth in the process, spending time with the impatient people, Colorado touched his heart enough to change his own and Spare the planet.

But as the trailer for the upcoming second season shows, Harry’s decision Came with some results, primarily in that his people are now coming land to finish work. Of course, Harry is vehemently opposed and wants to protect the planet, particularly Asta Sarah Tomko and Judah Prehn Max. And if that means the rest of the planet is turning to ashes… well, at least he can say he tried, and he even managed to see New York before it explodes in Hell.

I haven’t seen any resident alien Up to this point, this trailer makes the show seem a lot of fun and very funny. (“Do you think I got Willy Wonka tattooed on my ass like it’s a chocolate factory?”) Plus, it seems like the perfect showcase for someone as eccentric as Alan Tudyk. He’s always been a reliably funny actor with plenty of scope (especially with for him voice work), and it’s nice to see him take center stage after being the supporting character on so many other shows.

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resident alien Season 2 will premiere on Syfy and the USA on January 26, with guest stars Linda Hamilton and Alex Borstein.

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