Tesla feature lets you turn your car into a projector

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Here’s Tesla coming in with the gift you never knew you wanted (or didn’t really want but hey, you know what they say about it) seek A horse’s gift in the mouth). Last Christmas, it gave its cars the ability to fart and bleating like goats. Tesla obviously felt more generous this year, so I decided on it Everyone They needed a feature to turn their cars into projectors.

As part of the latest Holiday update Released on Christmas Eve, Tesla launched the “Tesla Light Show”, which allows users to create their own light shows to any music of their choice. To create a light show that can last up to five minutes, users must download xLightsFree, open source software. After completing the light show in xLights, users can set on USB and upload it to their car.

The auto maker said in a file Articles Announcing the feature.

The Light Show works with 2021 Tesla Model S and Model X vehicles as well as any Model 3 or Model Y. However, you don’t have to own The company explained that the Tesla car uses the light display feature, or xLights, Although it not set What other vehicles will be able to take advantage of this feature.

Since I didn’t attend a concert, which is usually the only place I see light shows, In a while due to the pandemic, it was a bit difficult to imagine this feature in action. Fortunately, Tesla has teamed up with Santa — or maybe CEO Elon Musk wears a Santa suit – to be an Instagram example.

It’s not entirely clear if the Santa in the video is Musk, although quite a few users on Instagram seem to think so. Although it would be characteristic of Musk to do so, I have doubts as to whether he dances well. Plus, this seems to be something he happily shares on Twitter, his favorite social media platform, but there was No functionality to be seen at the time this article was published.

Besides the Light Show, Tesla’s holiday software update also included new games like Sonic the Hedgehog, Sudoku, and the multiplayer version of The Battle of Polytopia. The company also added TikTok to the car’s central touchscreen and debuted the Boombox Megaphone, a feature that allows Tesla owners to display their voice using the car’s external speaker, Among many others.

Honestly, while the feature is for everyone, it doesn’t really look like anyone will be able to create a light show. Program start guide on github It is the length of pages and pages. Sure, the feature is nice And all, but I don’t know if I wanted to spend hours of my life trying to do a five-minute light show.

However, I’m sure there are other people out there who might really stay away from this and wouldn’t mind putting in the time and effort. To these people: Happy birthday.

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