Tesla recalls nearly half a million cars due to camera and trunk defects

It’s not over 2021 which is filled with Tesla drag. Bloomberg Reports Tesla has issued recalls to just over 475,000 vehicles to fix defects in camera systems and luggage compartments. To start, the automaker recalled all Model 3 cars in the 2017 to 2020 model years over concerns that frequent use of the box could corrode the rearview camera’s coaxial cable—overuse and you could lose the signal altogether.

The other recall covers 119,009 Model S sedan in model years 2014 through 2021. Factory misalignment of the front trunk latch assembly (also known as frunk) can prevent the secondary latch from working properly, increasing the chances of the trunk opening in mid-drive .

There is nothing wrong with the Model 3 in 2021 and later production, while Model S drivers are safe if their electric vehicles are built after December 23, 2020. You’ll have to visit Tesla for a repair, but the company will reimburse anyone who paid for related repairs before For refunds to take effect.

Tesla said none of the defects resulted in accidents or injuries. However, the recalls cover a series of issues that include an NHTSA investigation into the safety of the autopilot, recalls of components such as touch screens, and complaints about build quality issues such as panel gaps. Simply put, the company developed a reputation more for less-than-stellar reliability in 2021, and it’s not clear when that situation might improve.

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