Tesla Under Investigation Over ‘Passenger Play’ Gaming Feature

It was criticized earlier this month because some games can be played on the dashboard infotainment systems while the EV is running. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is now investigating Tesla for a so-called “Passenger Play” job.

The initial assessment from the agency’s Office of Defects Investigations (ODI) covers about 580,000 Model 3, S, X, and Y vehicles sold since 2017. While the feature urges players to acknowledge that they are a passenger before the game begins, NHTSA said passenger play “may It distracts the driver and increases the risk of a crash.”

report from The New York Times He noted that an update rolled out at Tesla in the summer made three matches playable while the car was in motion. Before that, the Passenger Play was only available when the EV was in the park. NHTSA told Engadget earlier in December that it had been talking to Tesla about the feature.

ODI said that the initial evaluation will assess the potential for driver distraction in the passenger game while the electric vehicle is in motion. It will look at different aspects of Passenger Play, including usage scenarios and how often they are used.

In announcing the investigation, the NHTSA cited a report submitted to the agency in August. “Tesla is now making interactive video games and live internet search possible on the front seat head-up display while the vehicle is being driven,” the complaint said. “Why is a manufacturer allowed to create an inherently distracting live video that takes up more than two-thirds of the screen that the driver relies on for all vehicle information? Creating a dangerous distraction for the driver is recklessly neglected.”

Tesla did not respond to a request for comment from . The company no longer has a public relations department.

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