The 27-inch iMac Pro may not have mini LED panels after all

With Apple slowly equipping its products with small LED screens, it wasn’t really surprising when we heard rumors that the upcoming 27-inch iMac Pro could have a small LED display. However, it seems likely that we will temper our expectations on this front.

That’s because according to a new report from DigiTimes, the publication claims that while the 27-inch iMac Pro is still ready for launch in 2022, the computer may not use mini LED display technology after all. Instead, the company is expected to continue using the LCD technology that was used in previous iMac computers.

This appears to contradict previous rumors of analyst Ross Young of Display Supply Chain Consultants, which means that at the moment anyone can guess what kind of display technology the iMac Pro could use. However, it’s somewhat understandable if Apple chose not to use the iMac’s mini LED due to its size, which can be somewhat costly.

However, at the same time, given the “Pro” moniker and the fact that Apple has already equipped the new iPad Pro and MacBook Pro with tiny LEDs, it would be a missed opportunity. Either way, the PC should still be a complete beast in terms of performance if it ends up using the M1 Max/Pro chipset, so if display technology isn’t as important as overall performance, that probably wouldn’t be a bad thing.

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