The Blue Blood of London Boutique Hotels

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There is a charm that London exudes unlike anywhere in the world. The Big Smoke is a bold and imaginative city that knows its place among the most amazing destinations. London, seat of the world’s most respected royal family, is a royal place with its authentic British flair, style and grace. There are plenty of luxurious places to stay in Lundon Town, but there is one such iconic and regal that also knows its place in the world. The symbol of hospitality in London is One Aldwych.

London where prestige and prestige is everything. The same is true for hotels. Where the guesthouse is located determines whether it will be considered blue blood or a general condition. At the end of Waterloo Bridge and on the threshold of Covent Garden he sits one dawish. Its location is there to say “welcome to the neighborhood” as your first encounter in London’s West End and this posh little corner of the world.

There are certainly other five-star hotels in the area, but there are some unique traits to the One Aldwych that make it stand out among the major London hotels. It’s an independent hotel, not part of a big chain, so it’s literally free. Yes of course it is part of the Leading Hotels of the World group, so it has emphasized a certain level of standards and services, beyond its well-earned reputation. This boutique hotel offers 105 sophisticated rooms as well as a range of amenities designed for the global traveller. There are two restaurants, a health club, a swimming pool, and even a cinema that hosts monthly gala dinners and movie nights.

The One Aldwych is one of those timeless hotels that never get old. The ambiance exudes restrained luxury versus sheer opulence or gimmicks that meet the demands of today’s stature. This has been the vision from the start. No one was created to be popular. Instead, the goal was to create an all-time hotel, and they did just that as evidenced by its perennial placement on the top list by luxury hotel providers.

One dwarf isn’t Johnny coming in lately by any means. I’ve been standing here for over 100 years and it was once home to the Morning Post, Daily Telegraph, and The Tatler. After becoming a Ministry of Defense building and then a bank, the building has found its current purpose as one of London’s most respected hotels. The visionary for the project was Gordon Campbell Gray who took over the management of One Aldwych Hotel in 1998. Campbell Gray has been known throughout the hospitality industry as being at the forefront of developing hotel accommodation for wealthy travelers. Set out to create a hotel experience that stands out for a sophisticated kind of luxury versus something luxurious and modern. And that’s exactly what you’ll experience in The One Aldwych.

Guests staying in London couldn’t ask for a more ideal location for viewing the city and on the doorstep of Covent Garden. One can describe Times Square in New York as the Garden of the Covenant in the United States and offers the perfect blend of culture, cuisine, and boutiques. This is the famous West End theater district where major performances from all over the world take place the king lion to me Norman book. This is the cultural center of the city and outside of the Theaterland you will find several museums as well as the Royal Opera House, London Amphitheater and the Theater Royal, all less than ten minutes’ walk from One Aldwych.

Calling One Aldwych would be an understatement. The Edwardian grandeur and Parisian elegance of design have stood the test of time since the building was erected in 1907 by the same architects who built the Ritz in Paris and London. The first thing most people will notice from afar is its strange shape. It is triangular in shape with a wedge shaped at the intersection of Wellington Street and the Strand. Then, most will notice the level of craftsmanship from that bygone era with its Norwegian gray granite exterior, copper and slate roof as well as its Baroque flourishes from Louis XVI and Louis XV decor.

The entrance to One Aldwych leads to a lofty space, two stories high, with its gorgeous original Austrian oak windows flooding the room with natural light. The room is teeming with affluent travelers, business tycoons, and lawyers out there to bend the elbow. The One Aldwych Lobby Bar is a London institution and has always been voted as one of the best bars in London and the world. According to the Evening Standard, the Lobby Bar at One Aldwych is “probably the nicest lobby bar in London”. Behind the long bar, mixers make theatrical smoking cocktails while other guests choose cocktail classics or a tougher glass of wine.

After the amazing presence of the tape, within moments you will begin to notice the details. Some are more visible than others, such as the impressive art collection found throughout the building. The 350 museum-quality pieces interrupt what you’re doing, asking you to pause and pay attention as Justin Smith’s papier-mache dog ‘Beano’, covered in cartoons, greets you at the entrance. Elsewhere, Emily Young’s stone-carved head of Dionysus makes you pause and notice you’re on your way to the elevator. Their most daring piece is the ten-foot-tall pioneering bronze sculpture, Lobby Bar’s Boatman with Oars, by André Wallace, which dominates the room and is the centerpiece of her art.

There is a certain mood you will find yourself in in One Aldwych and you may not be sure why because it is a combination of things that create the atmosphere and the environment. One element is the beautiful flowers throughout the common areas and in the guest rooms. The hotel’s award-winning florist creates exciting floral artwork in the lobby bar, which changes regularly as a focal point in the décor.

The final piece of the puzzle is the service. From the team of separate concierges full of Les Clef D’or members, to the responsive front desk staff, and who ran the dining crew, every interaction is warm, professional and fun. There is never an air of condescension from any of them, yes professional but always warm, friendly and ready to help make your stay enjoyable.

The enjoyable all-round experience of One Aldwych continues in the guestrooms. Again, don’t expect anything shiny or in your face, in fact, it’s the opposite and another manifestation of restrained luxury. The serene ambiance is created by a color palette of sage, coral, gray, lavender, and natural wood surfaces. In addition to the relaxed color, the details are exquisite from Parisian accents, Art Deco elements, techno detailing, and molding.

There are 93 rooms and 12 suites, and because of the odd shape, they are all unique in size and configuration. Ceiling angles add drama to the accommodations and allow for unusual shapes, with the ceilings’ theatrical curves made even more eye-catching with elaborate mood lighting and fixtures.

The accommodations offer very comfortable beds with Frette bedding and custom-made fleece blankets from Skye Weavers in the UK. The hotel offers all the amenities and surprises one could want in a five star hotel from the exquisite original pieces of art in every room to the carefully curated coffee table books, fresh flowers and fresh fruits in your room every day.

The suites are more luxurious with another level of amenities and features. The Somerset Suite is designed to impress even the most weary traveller. Inside, a walkway leads to the view from the south end of the building and the panoramic vistas over Waterloo Bridge and the River Thames. At any time of the day the scenery is great with cars and people coming and going with the backdrop of the London skyline behind it.

The oval shaped living room is flooded with natural light and is very spacious with plenty of space to spread out on comfortable furnishings. The decor is great with interesting original pieces of art, books to peruse, as well as top-notch sound system and smart TVs. Marbled bathrooms are first class with separate shower and bathtub complete with TV for entertaining during an extra long soak. Amenities are equipped with a free minibar replenished twice daily with local wine and beer as well as other snacks and refreshments.

The dining experience at The One Aldwych is exceptional as well. Whether it’s a casual meal in the lobby bar, first class room service, an unusual afternoon tea, or dining at their signature restaurant, Indigo. Indigo is a well-respected restaurant in the London dining scene and is known for its innovative British dishes of classics with a twist. The location is on the mezzanine level just above the lobby bar with noise and people watching adding to the ambiance.

The one thing that makes this restaurant special is that those with certain dietary requirements need not worry as it is completely dairy and gluten free. The menu is seasonal and changes regularly with an emphasis on regionally sourced products. Expect to dine on dishes such as 28-day-old grass-fed Scotch beef served with roasted shallots, hand-cut chips and a fine herb sauce, or Brixham monkfish braised in lemongrass, coriander and coconut milk.

Afternoon tea in London is a must for any traveller. The One Aldwych offers a very popular afternoon tea with a totally eccentric and fun concept. they Charlie and Tea The Chocolate Factory It is very popular, especially for families with young children. Instead of the expected three levels of delicious sandwiches and scones, expect an art show of fun snacks with cotton candy and sodas with milk chocolate.

One Aldwych has a few surprising conveniences in store to offer to its guest. The hotel has a 30-person check-in room with luxurious leather armchairs with spacious armrests, so there’s no need to wrestle your neighbor for space. The popular venue is frequently used to see performances held at the Royal Opera House and other special events. On top of that, there are regularly scheduled Film & Fizz movie nights where guests spend the perfect night with a three-course dinner at Indigo followed by a movie with popcorn and free flowing champagne in the evening. The perfect evening concludes with the following dessert.

One Aldwych also provides its guests with state of the art outdoor work as well as Technogym equipment, including cardiovascular equipment and a free weights area. Weary travelers will also want to spend time at their spa as well as in the sauna and steam facilities. The surprises and wow factors don’t end there. A surprising feature of this hotel is a 59-foot heated pool with mood lighting and a video wall in it, get this, an underwater sound system. You don’t have to worry about eye stinging or wearing goggles, the pool is chlorine free too.

The One Aldwych serves guests with four legs. The hotel has a place for their own kite dogs and they also welcome their guest dogs. Furry friends stay at no extra charge and a bed, bowl and special treat are also provided.

Campbell Gray once said that the hotel was about “hidden wealth rather than a luxury distillery,” and it is the same today. Nor does it want to be a boutique hotel. He felt that these types of hotels follow today’s fashion and will soon lose their popularity. Whatever the case, this hotel has truly stood the test of time with no end in sight. This is still the standard in London for a five star holiday, popular but not at all flashy. one dawish It will never be London He. She Hotel, which is fine with the hotel caretakers and the guests who stay there.

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