The discovery continues until February 10

Michael Burnham manipulates part of a 3D tree sculpture in a scene from Star Trek: Discovery.

Michael Burnham checks her future calendar on Google.
picture: Paramount +

when he comes back Star Trek: Discovery It was still the only new Star Trek Producer Alex Kurtzman showed a glimmer in his eye about the time to come All Star Trek, All the time. Now, we’re basically there, and it turns out that blinking can be very blinding.

Paramount + announced a sudden change in the schedule for the release of files Discovery‘s Season 4 is currently airing. The season’s seventh episode will air on the service on the usual Thursday, dropping next week, December 30, before being off for a month and a half until February 10. Discovery The fourth season has been delayed internationally, after ViacomCBS – and immediately u run—Controversial decision of International broadcasting rights for the series withdrawn From Netflix just days before the season premieres.

This is not the first time that Discovery He took a mid-season break, however. Season one took a similar month-and-a-half break between episodes nine and ten, leaving fans on the ship’s cliffhanger curve to drop themselves into the Mirror Universe. But it is the first time that there are so many new things Star Trek He can fill the void he left with more new Star Trek. for example , Child-focused (and very powerful) Star Trek Prodigy It’s set to come back for a bunch of episodes starting on January 6th, which means that by the time the episodes end again, Discovery I will come back. And when who – whichIt’s over, there will be a second season of Piccard very!

Really, maybe there almost too much Star Trek Let’s meditate. I’d say we’ll need a break just to catch up, but we’re not really Get a break, shall we? Star Trek: Discovery Returns to Paramount+ on February 10th.

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