The future Apple Watch could give up the physical digital crown

The Digital Crown is a hallmark of the Apple Watch. Although it’s called the Digital Crown, it’s actually a physical dial that acts as a home button of some sort, or for accessing an app menu. It also scrolls to allow users to scroll through the list and make adjustments. It is another way for users to interact with the watch without using the touch screen.

However, Apple may consider getting rid of them. According to a patent discovered by Patently Apple, it appears that Apple has applied for a patent for the Apple Watch that eliminates the need for the Digital Crown. Instead, Apple will replace the physical digital crown with an optical sensor.

This sensor will offer the same functions as the Digital Crown, except that it relies on gestures to detect what the user wants to do. According to Apple’s description of the patent, removing the physical dial would allow the company to free up space internally that could be used for other components, while also making the watch more durable as it removes moving parts.

It has also been suggested that by implementing an optical sensor, the new Digital Crown can also be used to measure things like heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure, and more, in addition to the ECG that the Digital Crown is currently using in existing devices. Apple Watches.

However, this is just a patent and we don’t know for sure if this is something Apple plans to do in the future, but with the advantages they mentioned, we wouldn’t be surprised if it becomes a reality one day.

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