The Morning After: The analog pocket could be the ultimate handheld device

After teasing, delaying, and generally irritating players, Analogue’s Pocket is almost here. Engadget’s James True – one of those troubled species mentioned above – is currently testing one. So while he does spend enough hours playing it for a full review, we get some first impressions. tetris, Game Boy OG, pretty much exactly How to remember it, with the original pixel grid, motion blur and even sound. There is even a link port for some old school multiplayer.

Analog has those pocket requests open again today. If you want that amazing authentic taste of mobile gaming past, it will cost you $220.

– Matt Smith

No need for an Apple account.

Apple has released an Android app to help you if you don’t have an iOS device to find out if someone is using AirTag or any other Find My compatible device to spy on your location. When the app finds a nearby AirTag, it marks it as an unknown AirTag. If it follows you for 10 minutes, you can use the app to tell the tracker to play a sound, making it easier to find. You can tap the device on your NFC-compatible phone for instructions on how to disable it.

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Of course, he has bluetooth.


The Dremel is the standard when it comes to rotary tools and the new 8260 features company-first features. Not only does it feature Bluetooth connectivity, it features a powerful brushless motor. The first means that it can connect to the Dremel mobile app, which has an interactive guide that tells you which accessory and RPM you need to use to hack specific materials.

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Oh, and there are NFTs.

Universal Music Group works with Avatar Genies to create digital versions of its artists, as well as non-fungible Avatar clothing and accessories (NFT), for use in virtual worlds. In the coming months, through the NFT Marketplace operated by Genies, fans will be able to buy and sell virtual merchandise. Universal Music is fascinated by NFTs. Last month, it was a virtual squad of four characters from the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT group.

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Magical nail art upgrades.


Square Enix

Judging from all the teaser videos released so far, foresbook It promises a collection of amazing spells for amazing items and a hero who can dash, slide and traverse through a fantasy world faster than any other Assassin’s Creed hero. It’s from a brand new game studio – under the wing of Square Enix – running on a proprietary game engine. While we couldn’t play, we have a better idea of ​​exactly how foresbook will play.

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Matching DualSense wireless controllers is also coming.



After closing third-party PS5 console covers with legal threats, Sony released five official $55 PlayStation colors. And they are so bright! And 55 bucks!

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