The Morning After: Ubisoft’s NFT Struggling

It’s great when there is a balance in the power of the blockchain. After the recent surge in NFT success stories (and the millions being made), we have the other side of the coin. Ubisoft’s attempts to sell NFTs are linked to the Ghost Recon series of games. The gaming company launched its Quartz NFT platform to monetize game properties.

Unfortunately, it appears that Quartz has only sold 15 NFTs of Ghost Recon Break Point The leather of the gun as of yesterday, according to Eurogamer. As of yesterday, it appears to have sold two additional M4A1 tactical weapons and one Wolf Enhance Pants #76 for a total of 18. Based on its pricing, that comes to about $1,755.30 in revenue. But Ubisoft seems to have minted somewhere north of 3,000 NFTs, in total. As many have noted, breakpoint It doesn’t have the most attractive visual aesthetics – nor is it the biggest characteristic of Ubisoft – which makes it an odd choice for starting Ubisoft’s NFT endeavors.

In other news, CES faces the threat of Omicron, and several companies are pulling out of the show in early January. He will not have a presence on the show, citing the spread of the latest COVID-19 variant. The Engadget team will not attend the show either , but our remote coverage will still ensure you hear everything remarkable from the Las Vegas tech fair.

– Matt Smith

Stare in confusion at LG’s DualUp screen

Barely vertical, somewhat desirable?


I think the pandemic has really helped get LG’s creative juices flowing. Along with unusual new TVs, the company has unveiled a new screen with "qhd double box"Two monitors stacked on top of each other.

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Billionaire Twitter founder Jack Dorsey talks about Web3 on Twitter

Those darn venture capital.

CEO Jack Dorsey has taken to Twitter to warn blockchain enthusiasts about how Web3 is already being chosen by investors. He said, “You don’t own web3, venture capitalists and LPs own. You’ll never get away with their incentives. It’s ultimately a centralized entity with a different name. Know what you’re getting into…” Now he’s no longer CEO of Twitter, Dorsey is still He runs a company that is heavily involved in blockchain technologies.

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The Matrix Resurrections is great but it’s not for everyone

Another divisive Matrix sequel?

Warner Bros.

There are minor spoilers inside, so I haven’t read Senior Editor Devendra Hardwar’s thoughts on Resurrection Matrix. I’m sure, however, that many of you are intrigued by how the movie turned out. American readers subscribe to: You’ll be able to watch it indoors without having to venture to the movies.

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Researcher hacked home COVID-19 test to give fake results

The bug has been fixed, but it still shows potential for fraud.

F-Secure researcher Ken Gannon discovered a vulnerability in Ellume’s Bluetooth-connected nasal swab test that allowed him to alter reported results. The vulnerabilities were complex, but still worrisome. It has now been corrected.

Gannon used a rooted Android device to check the Bluetooth traffic that Ellume’s lateral flow tester was sending to the company’s mobile app. The researcher identified the traffic used to indicate test results and wrote scripts to change the result. Alexandra Renheimer, Marketing Director of F-Secure, managed to deceive Azova, a company that issues certificates for US entrance exams.

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