The Morning After: Unfortunate Peloton Appears in ‘Sex and the City’ Reboot

Warning: If you plan to view a file Sex and the City Biology, and like that, Avoid your eyes for this introduction – incoming spoilers. Peloton probably wished everyone else would do just that.

Yes, the ubiquitously expensive exercise bike appeared in a major chart in the first episode of the new series, which in itself isn’t particularly shocking. The shock came when Carrie’s husband, Mr. Page, died of a heart attack after he finished a 45-minute peloton lesson on the company’s bike (with real coach Jess King in a fictional role as…the peloton coach).

The chart hit Peloton’s stock price over the weekend — something the company has seen over the past year as many people have gone back to their gyms or maybe, like me, just They don’t want to stay indoors to exercise anymore.

Peloton was also caught off guard – the company knew HBO would feature Peloton in the episode and that King would portray a coach, but "Reasons for confidentiality" Preventing him from knowing that he was going to kill a character.

She released a statement saying Page’s death may have been due to his “extravagant lifestyle” – the man had smoked a cigar earlier in the episode and had previously suffered a heart attack.

I doubt the outcome of Peloton’s appearance on the show will be negative – arguably the most talked-about development of the highly anticipated TV show premiere. It’s definitely a test of the old saying: Is any good publicity publicity?

– Matt Smith

New NASA sleeping bags could prevent eyeball ‘crushing’ on the International Space Station

It sucks fluids from astronauts’ heads and toward their feet.

More than half of NASA astronauts who have been to the International Space Station (ISS) for more than six months have vision problems. Researchers from UT Southwestern Medical Center have developed a sleeping bag that can prevent or reduce these problems.

Fluid tends to accumulate in the head when you sleep, but on the floor, gravity pulls it down the body when you get up. However, in the low gravity of space, this fluid collects, pressing on the eyeball, which leads to visual impairment. Researchers have created a sleeping bag that effectively absorbs fluid from astronauts’ heads.

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Someone “briefly hacked” the Twitter account of the Indian Prime Minister

It is the latest attempt to hijack the profile of a prominent politician on social media.

A hacker temporarily took over the Twitter account of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the weekend. The attacker tweeted an allegation that India had adopted Bitcoin as legal tender and directed users to a fraudulent (disabled) website. To Modi’s followers — or anyone familiar with his stance on cryptocurrency — it was clear that something had gone wrong.

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Amazon explains the outage that caused a large part of the Internet to be cut off

The company also promised an easier way to track future failures.

Amazon explained the web services outage that caused parts of the Internet to go offline last week. As reported by CNBC, Amazon revealed an automated capacity expansion feature that led to "unexpected behavior" From the internal network clients. Devices connecting that intranet to AWS have been flooded, halting connections. AWS has temporarily disabled the scaling that led to the problem and will not restart it until there are solutions in place. Amazon said a bug fix is ​​coming in a couple of weeks.

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How a VR startup took users’ money and ran into the metaverse

And still going.

The tech word for 2021 is definitely “metaverse”, obscured in the collective consciousness when Mark Zuckerberg revealed Facebook’s new name, Meta.

Metaworld founder Dedric Reid has been selling his interpretation of Metaverse for the past five years. His vision is a decentralized space, “a large-scale simulation of 10,000 square miles, community owned and operated by the community,” according to Reed.

But the Metaworld story is one of patchy crowdfunding, communication silence, fake promotional assets and some understandably angry backers. to borrow from the matrixRead Editor Jessica Condit’s full report to find out just how deep the rabbit hole can go.

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LG’s design-focused OLED Evo TV has a motorized cover

It is meant to blend in with upscale furniture and artwork.


I mean, I love how it looks, but I prefer the Bang and Olufsen set with wings…

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