The sleep number says the newest smart bed will adapt to your needs as you get older

He returned to CES this year with the latest version of his 360 smart bed. The company has bundled more features into the product, such as the ability to monitor body temperature. A graphite-filled foam mattress can cool or heat every side of the bed to maintain everyone’s preferred temperature all night long. It also has such a feature. The smart bed can warm your feet to help you drift too.

As with, there is a snoring detection function. This can push the bed to raise your head to relieve mild snoring. In addition, the entire bed can be tilted to open your airway and help you breathe more easily while keeping your spine properly aligned.

One of the basic ideas behind the latest model is that it is designed to adapt to your changing needs. For example, it can be raised or lowered to help pregnant women, those who have had an injury or simply are a little older to get into and get out of bed.

sleep number

The 360 ​​smart bed offers sleep tracking, and it will provide details about things like how long you sleep well. Eventually, he or she may be able to monitor for signs of insomnia, sleep apnea, or cardiac events and alert the sleeper about possible situations. Software updates should add more features and ideas over time.

The refurbished 360 smart bed will be available in 2023. Pricing is expected to start at $1,099.

Sleep Number has also announced some smart furniture designed to complement the bed. Features include mobility aids, individual noise reduction technology, ambient lighting, and a built-in pocket for charging and storage. The company will start shipping furniture next year as well.

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