The ultimate souvenir adidas sneakers for Xbox are now on sale

Since then, Microsoft and Adidas have released commemorative Xbox-inspired sneakers to celebrate the brand’s 20th anniversary. It all started with a pair of Forum Tech shoes that the two companies gave to a group of lucky fans. Then, in November, they released a pair of sneakers that you can buy in the US and Canada. Now, for the third and final drop, the two have come out with a feature available for purchase worldwide.

This time around, Microsoft and Adidas say they chose the Tech Boost silhouette because, like the Xbox Series X/S, it’s a design that acknowledges the past while incorporating new technologies. As with the other sneakers in the series, you’ll find plenty of clever references. For example, the shoe’s inner lining is based on the Xbox Series X’s vented design. Meanwhile, the heel and sole of the shoe reflect the grip of the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller.

“Overall, we wanted to create a shoe that cemented a moment in time, but also felt timeless,” Microsoft said. “This is a shoe that is meant to be played with, that is meant to be worn, and that is meant to be enjoyed by our community — a shoe that is always played and never was played.”

You can buy the Xbox Series X Forum Tech Boost from the adidas website for $140. If you’re not a fan of sneakers, Microsoft has released other memorabilia to celebrate the console’s 20th birthday, including ones that pay tribute to the original Xbox debugging kit.

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