The university loses 77 terabytes of valuable supercomputer data

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Kyoto University, a top-ranking research institute in Japan, recently lost a whole slate of research after its supercomputer. The system accidentally wiped out 77 TB of data during what was supposed to be a routine backup.

The malfunction, which occurred sometime between December 14 and December 16, erased nearly 34 million files belonging to 14 different research groups that were using the school’s supercomputing system. university works Hewlett-Packard Cray Computing and DataDirect ExaScaler Storage Systems – Research teams can use their ilk for different purposes.

It’s not clear what type of files were specifically deleted or what caused the actual glitch, though the school said that the work of at least four different batches would not be restored.

PC, who originally reported on this incident, helpfully suggests that supercomputing research is, uh, not very cheap, either, costing somewhere near hundreds of dollars an hour to work.

Kyoto, which is one of the most much appreciated Schools in Japan and receive large grants and funding, originally Posted details About the unfortunate incident in mid-December.

The post begins “Dear Supercomputing Users” (translated into English via Google). “Today, a storage system backup software error caused an accident in which some files in /LARGE0 were lost. We have stopped addressing the issue, but we may have lost close to 100 TB of files, and we are investigating the extent of the impact.”

Supercomputing is different from ordinary computing This is largely due to Speed ​​and its ability to take advantage of multiple computer systems to process complex mathematical calculations. Its advantages over ordinary computing make it a valuable tool for research full range of fieldsincluding climate and atmospheric modelling, PhysicsVaccines and everything in between. Unfortunately, all this is meaningless if your device fails to function properly.

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