Tik Tok Kitchen will present you with its most popular recipes

If you’ve ever seen viral for a recipe that looks surprisingly delicious, you may soon be able to try the dish without having to make it yourself. Starting in March, the platform will open hundreds of delivery-only TikTok Kitchen locations across the United States.

TikTok has teamed up with Virtual Dining Concepts to create ghost restaurants, reports. They will start with around 300 locations and plan to expand to over 1,000 locations by the end of 2022. Virtual Dining Concepts has notable experience in this field, having worked with YouTube megastar in his virtual restaurants MrBeast Burger (first store of this brand) – Vault location is now underway ).

TikTok’s kitchen menu, which will change on a quarterly basis, will include some of the platform’s biggest food trends. The first batch of dishes contained baked feta pasta (which Google says it was), a crushed burger and pasta chips.

TikTok says it will give its share of the profits from the project to the recipe creators, as well as the food makers thriving on the platform. However, the service did not explain how it would identify the true creators of the dishes, unlike the user who may have copied a recipe and made it viral.

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