TikTok introduces 1080p uploads and more editing features

It’s a busy day. Not only has the company announced its recommendation algorithm, but it’s rolling out a suite of editing features that will improve the look (and possibly sound) of your videos.

Perhaps the most significant update is support for 1080p uploads in select countries. You will be able to share videos in this resolution by turning on the HD upload setting from the “More options” section of the posting page.

The app offers an easy way to improve the overall appearance of the video. With the new Visual Enhance button, TikTok says it will improve aspects of exposure, low light and color correction with a single click. After recording or uploading a video, you can click the Enhance button on the right panel. If you don’t like the changes, clicking the button again will undo them.

Elsewhere, the Green Screen effect is now integrated, so you can use a GIF from the platform’s library as a background for a video. There are more musical and animal sound effects as well. TikTok can turn your voice or other sounds into a cat’s meow, a flute or a sona (double-reed Chinese horn). You can try it out by clicking on the sound effect button on the edit page.

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