Tumblr bans “sensitive content” tags to survive in the App Store

Tumblr has restricted what its users can see on its iOS app in an effort to make sure it never gets kicked out of the Apple App Store again. One of the steps it’s taken to comply with Apple’s guidelines is to limit results for some tags or search terms that Tumblr says “may fall under the expanded definition of sensitive content.” The website will ban some completely – make that more than some, based on this very long list of banned and limited terms compiled by Tumblr users that Take Crunch Spread.

While the inclusion of specific words in the list is self-explanatory, it also has some weird entries, like “Eugene Levy” and “Tony the Tiger.” This restriction will also make it more difficult to search for content related to mental health, such as PTSD, depression, and anxiety, as well as issues such as racism and transphobia. Those who search for a blocked tag will get a screen that says “This content has been hidden” instead of a page with results. They will see the same notification if they try to access a blog that has been flagged as “explicit” in the app. Users may also see fewer suggestions under the ‘Things for You’ and ‘Following’ sections due to the new restrictions.

Tumblr implemented these changes three years after it began banning adult content entirely on its platform. If you remember, Tumblr banned adult content in 2018 after Apple pulled its app from iTunes in response to child exploitation images found on the website. The social network said these changes only apply to its iOS app and won’t affect anyone browsing Tumblr on the web or on Android. A spokesperson also said Take Crunch The company is “working on more thoughtful solutions that will be launched in the near future.”

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