Ubisoft has hardly sold any Ghost Recon NFTs

Ubisoft recently launched the Quartz NFT platform as a way to monetize game properties, something that didn’t sit well with customers or employees. Now, the effort appears to be bankrupt so far, as the company has reportedly only sold 15 NFT of Ghost Recon Break Point The skin of the gun as of yesterday, Eurogamer mentioned. It appears to have sold two additional M4A1 tactical weapons and one “Wolf Enhance Pants #76” for a total of 18 as of today.

Liz Edwards, Lead Artist for Apex Legends, tweeted that she looked at the two third-party marketplaces linked to Quartz sites “and it looks like there are…15 sales in total?” This comes to about $1,755.30 in revenue, as Eurogamer pointed out. As of today, it appears that Ubisoft has minted somewhere north of 3,000 NFTs.

Ubisoft launched the first three Ghost Recon Break Point Versions are free, weapon requires experience level 4, helmet over 600 hours of playtime, and pants at least 100 hours of playtime. This went really fast and the claim period is over, so the only way to get it now is to pay.

As some critics have pointed out, breakpoint It doesn’t have the most appealing visual aesthetic, so it seems an odd choice to start an NFT for visual collectibles. On the other hand, Ubisoft may have dipped its toe into the water with one of its lesser known franchises, although it is still very popular.

However, for the minimal amount of money raised so far, the effort may be doing more harm than good. Ubisoft is said to have fired its French trade union, which has described NFTs as “a useless, costly and environmentally deadly technology.”

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