Ubisoft’s “The Settlers” reboot has finally arrived on March 17th

Ubisoft settlers The revival is finally here…almost. The company has revealed that its reboot of the classic real-time building strategy game will be available on March 17th for Windows PC through the Epic Games Store and Ubisoft Connect. The developers are also whetting the appetite with a five-day, sign-up closed beta starting January 20 that will include two of the game’s three factions as well as two multiplayer skirmish modes (one team and two players).

The reconstructed game is “mostly” derived from Settlers III And Settlers IVAnd it definitely looks prettier than many RTS titles thanks to the same Snowdrop engine you find in games like to divide Series and upcoming symbol picture Release. Although it will not compete with the latest first-person shooter game, it may be more visually appealing than its competitors. There is a single-player campaign based on a story, but it’s clear that Ubisoft relies on eight-way multiplayer to help extend its lifespan.

No matter how good the game is, the main challenge for Ubisoft is simply to get the franchise going. There hasn’t been a completely new game in the series since then Settlers Online in 2010, and the decade since has only led to the cancellation of the game (Kingdoms of Entrea) and four years of development for the impending reboot. While there will certainly be fans, it’s not clear how many were willing to wait a decade for a follow-up.

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